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Millennial PHP/Perl coder by day, dabbler in all things at night: art, music (composition and piano), knitting, and sometimes reading books.

Also video games🌎.  Naturally.  I have gotten way into Super Metroid, Splatoon, and Final Fantasy (1–7) in times past.  Having played so many relatively flat JRPGs, I was really blown away by the complexity of the plot in Final Fantasy Tactics, and I used to have a shrine for it on my GeoCities page.

My favorite music is mid-2000s trance, and SNES/Genesis era game music.  I listened to whatever my older brother said was cool when growing up; unfortunately, he was a hipster before it was (re)invented for the 2010s, so I missed out on a huge swath of culture.  80s rock is probably 3rd place. Wish I’d known!

Pronouns: he/him, but gender can go jump off a cliff.

Sapphire Cat Worldwide! πŸ›Έ