Gnome 2 wallpaper changer

freshwall is a wallpaper changing script for Gnome on *nix. It selects a random wallpaper from Gnome's backgrounds.xml file (or another file, if configured to do so) and sets the new choice as the Gnome background.

All versions require Python 2.4-2.6 and the Python GConf bindings. The --preferences switch requires PyGTK (and GTK+) as well; both version 2.4 or better for 1.0, or version 2.6 or better for 1.1. The daemon mode in version 1.1 additionally requires dbus-python 0.80.0 or better, and also depends on PyGTK (for the glib mainloop).

Version 1.0 does not support changing the wallpaper periodically; this was added in version 1.1. I personally prefer to set the wallpaper at login and leave it alone for the session, so I added the freshwall command to Preferences → Sessions.


Please note that the release isn't considered 100% finalized until it is published to PyPI. The tarballs are subject to change until that happens.

Development Versions

Development is currently halted.

Access to the Mercurial repositories has not been maintained.